BOOK 2 - Further Along the Desert Path

A year on and nature and fantasy continue to conspire to bring the desert to life and to share its glories.

Along with Aundi, we learn about the roadrunner, javelinas, the desert cottontail and the summer monsoon season.

Nana as always, is on hand to give a fascinating presentation on the summer night sky and the constellations visible and... Daniel, her best friend... and so much more!

$16.95ea + S&H

BOOK 3 - The Meadow's Path

The adventure continues for Aundi despite relocating with her family to Indiana during her father's deployment to a secret destination overseas.

The meadows are a stark contrast to the desert but Aundi still finds the magic, meeting the characters of the forest and meadow, spending a glorious summer with Daniel and ... 

BOOK 1 - Stories From the Desert Path

Meet Aundi, a precocious 8-year-old who has recently moved to Arizona with her family. Her new home is in Marana, a town not far from Tucson. 

With a sense of curiosity, adventure and her zany grandmother, Aundi sets out to explore her new surroundings. 

"Stories..." tells of Aundi's many adventures and of the magic and ... secrets of the desert path.

BOOK 4 - The Cave's Path

The Cave's Path continues the tale of the young girl who sees beyond what most do, Aundi, who is now ten years old. Aundi’s
father is in the military and on active duty in the Middle East.

Her experiences as she and her family move first to the desert and, in the third and fourth books, to Indiana are a compelling blend of natural history, fantasy and adventure as Aundi learns to navigate more fully the enriched world she’s privileged to inhabit.

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